Stock Alert with Push Notification

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What's New?

iPad Support Coming in v 2.0.2 (Next Update)

How Alerts Work.

  • Set an alert on stock
  • We monitor your stock every couple seconds for changes only when the stock exchange it is listed on is open.
  • When your limits are reached, you get a Notification on your phone or an email message depending on your settings
  • Alert is turned-off when you receive the initial alert. You will need to turn it back on to be notified of same alert again. This is to avoid nuisance or buggy alerts.
  • News alert stay on until you turn it off. May receive alerts any time of the day or night

Ratings Data

  • Not all stocks will have a rating. Only about 5000 stocks are rated. You can turn ratings off in Settings.
  • Stock Ratings are based on Thomas Reuters StockScouter Ratings
  • Buy, Sell, Hold ratings based on Zack's Ratings
  • This is not a financial advice. We are not a registered investment advisor and do not provide investment advice.

Known Issues

  • On Switching On/Off Ratings in Settings, main view does not re-arrange properly. Temporary Fix: Reload the app by pressing home button
  • Email Us Any Issues You see using the form below and we can suggest temporary fix until we push an update.
  • App crashes reported on most recent version while reading news..fix on the way. FIXED in v2.0
  • Some indices with characters like ^ crashes app in detailed view. FIXED in v2.0
  • Indices with "." as the first character as in .dji will not refresh in Watchlist. FIXED in v2.0
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Question & Answer

Are alerts renabled after they generate?
When an alert is sent out, it is disabled and you have to re-enable the alert to be notified the next time your limits are reached. Only news alerts continue until you turn them off.

Do I expect to receive alerts when the market is close?
Only news alerts are sent when the market is closed. Market data alerts are sent out only when the stock exchange in question in open.

Can alerts be sent to just email?
Yes, in the Settings view, add an email address and turn on email alerts only.

How Do I Turn Off the Ratings Feature since I am International and no ratings for non-US stocks
in Settings, use the Ratings switch to turn off ratings. You may need to restart the app to get a proper view, this is a known bug.

UpComing Features

  • Portfolio Management (version 2.0 only)
  • Backup of Watchlist and Portfolio (version 2.0 only)
  • Multiple Watchlists (version 2.0 only)
  • Universal Application (iPad Interface) Version 2.0.2

Quick Video Tutorial: Portfolio Feature (version 2.0 Only)

Quick Video Tutorial: How To Use

Buttons and Functions

Use to Add, Delete or Reorder Stocks on your WatchList.
On tap, will flip view to reveal controls.
Refreshes the market data and ratings showing on your watch list.

Stock Screener Video Demo