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How It Works

meet us outside your residence hall or off-campus apartment to drop off your bag of laundry. Your clean clothes are returned within 48 hours neatly folded and crisp

Sign Up Online.

You sign up online by selecting your college and choosing a laundry plan. You then pick from available times or let us know what times work for you.


We Show Up and Pick Up

At the scheduled time, our driver shows up to pick up your bag of laundry to take to our facility for processing


Returned Within 48 Hours.

Your clean cloths are returned back to you within 24 to 48 hours nice and neatly folded. Repeat weekly for the whole semester

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There are better things you could do with your time in college than spend 3 hours weekly trying to get your laundry done. We provide an array of laundry service that simplifies your college experience

Wash, Dry & Fold

Dry Cleaning


Hang Dry

Hand Wash

Free Pick Up & Delivery

Select Your College

prices vary from college to college.

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