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Service Reviews


Cleaner arrived on timely basis, followed student's indications about cleaning, and did a very good job. Additionally, she was very pleasant and cordial.
Teresa R Yale University (CT)
They are really reliable and my laundry always comes back neat and categorized. I have used the serivce for 3 years but I graduated this semester. The only thing that was sometimes a problem was that they would not always be there at exactly the time they said that they would. For example, if they said 7pm, they might show up at 6:45pm, and I would miss the pickup.
Kathryn F University of Maryland College Park (MD)
The people who picked up and dropped off my laundry at Ithaca were very punctual. No complaints.
Zachary W Ithaca College (NY)
The service was great, very good, very reliable. I already set it up so I will be using the service again next semester. Harold, who picked up my laundry, was great man, very reliable and kind.
Zachary W Ithaca College (NY)
I like using Dormmom because it takes the hassle out of life. It is convenient, but sometimes at Northwestern the vendor texts me too late in the day and I cannot go back to my laundry, so maybe if they could text me earlier in the day, I wouldn't miss the pickup time. Also, if there were more pickup times available other than Tues/Thurs, it would be helpful.
Steven M Northwestern University (IL)
I like that my laundry is done on a weekly basis, and that it is returned to me they day after they pick it up. A few times I have had missing items such as underwear and socks, however, it is not a big deal.
Jason H University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I love this service because the guy who picks up my laundry is the man! He is great, he picks up my stuff on time and is justa great guy. I don't really think anything needs improvement, I like it how it is.
Mark S University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Overall, I was very satisfied with Dorm Mom. Within two weeks of ordering the service I was sent a Dorm Mom laundry bag and had already been contacted by the person who was in charge of picking-up my laundry. I had a torn ACL at the beginning of the semester, so Dorm Mom was incredibly helpful. I just brought my laundry to the Dorm Mom representative right outside my dorm every Tuesday or Thursday. Then my laundry was given back to me (folded) on the next Tuesday or Thursday. The service was great, although a little pricey. However, it would also be expensive to pay $1.25 per wash and then $1.25 for the drier for every load of laundry. I felt that the price was worth the ease and convenience. There was also a time or two where I could not match-up a pick-up time to my schedule, but my laundry was picked up on the next pick-up date. Overall, I would highly recommend this service.
Eduardo Robison Rivera Auburn University (AL)
If it weren't for dorm mom im pretty sure my son would never do his wash! Not that he couldn't but he wouldn't see the need for it! With dorm mom they come when they are scheduled and always on time and bring the wash back beautifully washed and folded and they bring it back when they say they will! There has never been a problem with lost items and the cost is reasonable! I just feel its a great service for my son and it has worked out very nice! Thank you dorm mom! Sincerely, Joanne Matzelle
john m University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I love using the service because it is very convenient, but sometimes they are real late (1hour) for picking laundry up after they text me, which can be difficult.
Robert S University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I have no complaints with Dorm Mom. The guy who picks up my clothes for over two years now is very nice, he shows up on-time, and my clothes are always folded when I get them back. I really like using this service, but I am not crazy about the way the laundry charges are calculated, meaning the weighing of the laundry. I feel it would be better to take an average of the student's consistent weekly usage rather than charge overage fees.
Matthew Z Boston College (MA)
Summed up: 1. Timely. Once we had a set schedule, they managed to pick up my laundry at the same time every week and drop it off the next day. 2. Cheap. The cost of the service, compared to supplies and using 1.25 per load, is not outrageous. 3. Convenient. They hang-dry shirts I want, and wash irregular loads. If there was one bad side, the first two weeks were a little confusing to set up - they didn't manage to set up a day of the week with me until after that. This is a small gripe, though, and I think the service has been hugely effective and helpful. Thanks!
James M Rutgers University (NJ)
I really like using the laundry service because it is very efficient. I wish sometimes that they could vary the pickup days and times from week to week, instead of having a standard set time for the whole semester because my schedule is not always the same from week, sometimes making it difficult to prepare for pickup.
Ali W University of Maryland College Park (MD)
it is easy to set-up and easy to use. One problem that I had was that last semester I was overcharged for 15 lbs, and I only had 10. I talked to a few people, but never got the money back in my account.
Ali W University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Every time the Dorm Mom employees are available to pick up or drop off my laundry I am not available. If only the range of time were elongated then I don't think this problem would exist. I am glad this company is around or else I'd have no clean laundry at all. Thanks Dorm Mom
Theodore P University of Maryland College Park (MD)
The service was pretty good. I liked the fact that they are very accommodating to my needs, time-wise. They are very open to picking up the clothes at any time. The clothes were clean and service was great. I will be using the service again in the future!
Rami S Kalamazoo College (MI)
I really feel that everything is going wery well with the laundry service. My laundry is picked up and dropped off in a timely manner and that is important for me at Stanford.
Jonathan O Stanford University (CA)
I really liked the guy that came to pickup my laundry, he was pretty nice. It typically took two days to get my laundry back, but I didn't really have that many clothes. I only stopped using the service to save money for this semester.
Jonathan O Stanford University (CA)
I have been very pleased with the way Dorm Mom has performed this semester, I definitely think this is the best semester yet since I have started using Dorm Mom, which was 3 semesters ago when I was a first semester freshman. I have been difficult to deal with throughout this semester as I have been very busy and Dorm Mom has completely accommodated to my schedule and have waited for me to give them and receive my laundry. I really appreciate everything Dorm Mom has done for me this semester and hope next semester is just as great. The only negative I would have to say about Dorm Mom is sometimes I get a few pieces of clothing and it looks like it has not even been washed, but other than that Dorm Mom has done a fabulous job and I cannot wait to see you guys in 2012. Thanks!
Jordan R University of Maryland College Park (MD)
My "Dorm Mom"'s last name was Tito (didn't really catch her first).. She cleaned the kitchen beautifully, but the bathroom and the bedroom wasn't up to par. Because she didn't speak any English, it was very hard to explain to her that a mirror recently broke in the bedroom and for her to spend a bit more time there. So instead we just tried to mime motions for her to use more time about the glass. When we walked in, she was only using a rag and rubbing the floor very hard. Maybe that's why it gleamed but that DEFINITELY didn't get rid of the glass. That night we re-dusted the bedroom because one of us stepped on residual glass. Also in the bathroom, she cleaned the floor but not the shower curtain or the walls in the shower. We still found grime and hair on the shower curtains which she neglected. Also, we realized that instead of bringing her cleaning supplies - she used ours. Is that part of the deal? I don't think so.. what if we had ran out of Clorox? What would she have done then? Would hand-soap been the next best choice? But all in all, she did get rid of the dust and it does seem much cleaner so.. overall, an OK service.
Nina S New York University (NY)
It was a really good service. Victor was very great. The only complaint I have is that some weeks my laundry wasn't picked up and the following week I was charged extra because the load was bigger. Victor was great but he got into a habit of not texting or calling when he was at the house. Sometimes I would miss him and wasn't sure that he was there. This could be resolved by something as simple as receiving a text from Victor when he is actually there. It was inconvenient when they would pick up from Sunday to Tuesday, but I would call on Wednesday and they weren't picking up laundry anymore.
Brandon K University of Maryland College Park (MD)
The pickup person that contacts me, they are friendly, timely with pickups and dropoffs and flexible if I need to change a time for either one.
Drew K Widener University (PA)
I like that I can always contact Tony, and they are always on time, and that my clothes come back clean all the time. I have not had any real issues. I have been referring my friends to use the service.
Drew K Widener University (PA)
I liked using the service because my clothes always came back clean and neatly folded.
Isabella H LIM College (NY)
I like that they come and take my laundry and they bring it back in two days. They are reliable and the service is so convenient. The olny thing I don't like is that they don't offer the grocery shopping service in our area,(Gettysburg, PA).
Avner D Gettysburg College (PA)
As a married couple using the service, having our laundry picked up and delivered to our door makes life a lot easier, and saves time from having to do it ourselves.
Avner D Gettysburg College (PA)
Alex has been very happy with the service provided by Dorm Mom re: his laundry. To quote Alex" They have it right and do a great job". What a relief for me to know he can spend more time with his studies at Cornell rather than wait in line for a washer and dryer. Thanks!
Alex M Cornell University (NY)
I like using Dormmom because it allows me time to complete my school activities when I would have had to be doing my laundry. Sometimes I am not always able to make my pickup or dropoff time, and they are pretty flexible with me which I appreciate.
Alex M Cornell University (NY)
I am really happy with my service this semester. I love that I can get my laundry done at almost any time. The person that picks up my laundry at the University of Rochester is flexible too, which helps a lot.
Nicklaus C University of Rochester (NY)
I have a busy class schedule and limited time to do laundry. Dorm Mom has saved me so much time and my laundry comes back clean, and folded, and I appreciate it!!!
Jack K University of Miami (FL)
I appreciate how my laundry is picked up and dropped back off in a few days. I ma very happy with my service and there is nothing I would improve upon.
Bobbie B University of Missouri Columbia (MO)
the pickup and dropoff is flexible and fits well with my class schedule. They allow me to change times when my schedule changes and pickup location is convenient at Cornell University
Young K Cornell University (NY)
This semester has been much better than last semester specifically with pickups being more on time and the person who picks up my laundry being very nice.
Trent A Cornell University (NY)
Flexible Pick-up/Delivery times. Clothes always clean and well maintained. Will definitely use service again and recommend it to friends!
Michael B Florida State University (FL)
I love that my laundry is picked up at my house, brought back the next day and is always clean and folded. I hate doing laundry, so this service is great!
Lacey P University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I am pleased with the apartment cleaning service, as they are efficient, friendly and consistently come every other week.
Elan M Chapman University (CA)
The overall service is good, meaning you get what you want. They pick up your laundry and do deliver it the next day clean, and somewhat folded. It is overall great not to do your own laundry. It gives us college kids a lot more time for other activities. However, there are a few parts of the service that should be improved. For example, the time window the delivery person gives you is too long (over and hour and a half) and can sometimes be an inconvenience. Also, the delivery person is not always on time, which can interfere with us college kids busy schedules. The clothes are also not always folded properly and usually not ironed properly, even if you though I did request and am paying for for some clothes to be ironed.
Rodrigo B University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I like this service because I didn't have to do anything, and it allowed more time for my studies. It was a little unorganized at the beginning of the semester through with setting up pickup times. I would get texted at the very last minute, which was really inconvenient.
Rodrigo B University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I love the service because I do not have to do my own laundry. I wish that the drivers would text us sooner to the time that they are actually coming to pick up the laundry because I cannot always be available in my room from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.
Michelle R University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I would definitely recommend dorm mom's service. It was convenient and the staff was accommodating with the times needed for pick up and delivery. If I was unable to make a time for pick up they would usually come back that night at a different time if I asked. The staff isn't always the most friendly but they get the job done.
Taylor N University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I like using Dormmom because they use texting to notify me that they are coming to pickup my laundry, however, sometimes they text me only when they arrive, and don't give me any notice to get my laundry. I would like a bit more notice, at least a couple hours before they come. Also, could we have more daytime pickup hours,a dn pickup times?
Taylor N University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Dorm mom was wonderful this semester. The clothes were picked up and delivered as promised. My daughter came home with her clothes in great condition for the first time since she has been away at school. Worth every penny!!!
Nicole M University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Dormmom needs to have more flexibility with pickup times and different days at UMD. Sometimes if I am running ten minutes late the person will not wait for me, and maybe they could also give us more warning than an hour when texting us to let us know that they are coming.
Nicole M University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I really like the guy who comes to pick up my laundry. He is real personable, flexible with my schedule, easy going and reliable. The only way the service could be even better would be if they picked it up right at my door.
Gary L University of Pittsburgh (PA)
I struggled a lot with meeting the laundry pickup times, which I guess was my own fault, but a couple times I completely missed the week of doing my laundry, but then the following week was charged overages, which I don't feel is fair.
sam k University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I love using Dormmom! It is convenient and I have never had any problems with getting my laundry back. Don't see any areas for improvement as of now.
Brooke L University of Miami (FL)
The service was very difficult to initiate with many phone calls and e mails. It was also hard for me to understand a few of the individuals who I initially spoke with, one person told me it was not available at John Carroll. When I called again, I was finally able to get the service set up. After the schedule got under way, everything worked out fine. de Sales Phillips
Parker P John Carroll University (OH)
I am really busy with my schoolwork and whatnot,and don't have time to do my own laundry, and this service helps me have time for the things that are most important.
Parker P John Carroll University (OH)
I like that the drivers are on time most of the time to pickup my laundry. I did have an issue where my jeans were drycleaned and I was charged a lot for it when I didn't even order drycleaning.
Ryan S Villanova University (PA)
I really like just getting my clothes cleaned for the most part. I feel that it would be helpful if Dormom could create a schedule for students who stay on campus over break to let us know when pick up and drop off times are via email, rather than text.
Michael G Northwestern University (IL)
The service is very good, they are always on time, and they call and let me know when my clothes are down stairs. My only concern is thtat my whites do not come out as white as they should. I really like the service! Thanks -Julia Echezarreta
Julia E Loyola University New Orleans (LA)
I like the efficiency of the service and that my laundry is taken one day and then returned the next. I do wish however, that the laundry pickup was closer to my dorm(Harbin Hall), because right now I have to walk 5 minutes, up and down stairs to drop it off. I was wondering if there could be a pickup next to Harbin Hall?
Erica R Georgetown University (DC)
I get my laundry done every week and the people who pick up are very punctual. The only problem is that it is a little inconvnient because the driver cannot get close enough to my dorm (Harbin Hall), so I have to drag my laundry down the street to him. I have talked to him about ways to get closer, do you think you can mention it to him?
Erica R Georgetown University (DC)
Having a tough time adjusting to college life? Dorm Mom is the answer! As a new student there is so much to worry about. Dorm mom helped make my transition into college a breeze.
Michael K University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Dormmom is a great service for me because it is convenient, and because the woman who picks up and drops off my laundry is excellent at communicating with me. She never misses a beat and we always tallk about holidays and breaks to make sure everything is on track.
Gramm K University of Texas San Antonio (TX)
I really like having an established pickup time for my laundry each week, which makes doing my laundry very convenient. There were however two occassions where there were miscommunications with the driver coming to pickup my laundry when I wasn't here, but it got better as the semester went on.
Khristian B Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)
The service was expensive. We ended up paying more for the additional add-on charges than we did for the entire quarter fee!
Christopher D University of Denver (CO)
Great service! Very happy. Always punctual and efficient. No complaints whatsoever! Very accommodating to the times that worked for me and easy to contact. Highly recommended
Maryne D Yale University (CT)
I found this service to be extremely helpful as a college student who hates to do laundry. I like how they fold everything and it is returned the next day. I just wish I knew more consistently when they were coming to do laundry pick up/ drop off. Two of my roommates use dorm mom as well and sometimes they would get a text that the driver was here and I wouldn't and vice versa. I also wish I could know in advance exactly when they were coming so I could plan my schedule accordingly. Otherwise, all is great and I've had no problems with their services.
Melissa L University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I really like using this laundry service because I don't have a car, and my apartment complex does not have a washer and dryer, so without it I would be in trouble.
Emily R Salem State College (MA)
I like using Dormmom at the University of Michigan because it gets picked up and dropped off right at my door. My laundry gets brought back within 2 days, but some of my friends who use a different service get it back within the next day.
Jack W University of Michigan Ann Arbor (MI)
At the University of Michigan and I don't have much time with my schoolwork and it relieves stress knowing that I don't have to do my own laundry. A few times I have had difficulty arranging pickup and delivery, but for the most part its fine.
Kathryn A University of Michigan Ann Arbor (MI)
I was overall very satisfied with my service. It made things to much easier to not have to worry about doing laundry. One thing that I like that was very interesting was that I noticed certain clothes being folded incorrectly and after a couple weeks (even though I never told anyone) came back folded correctly.
Abigail S University of California Irvine (CA)
It is convenient and saves me a lot of time, the schedule is easy to follow because it is the same every week and I like how he texts me to remind me just before he comes to pickup and drop off my laundry.
Eric S Ball State University (IN)
I really like using the service because I was given it as a gift and it helped so much not having to do laundry with my busy schedule. The only thing I found difficult was knowing how much 10 or 15 pounds was in the laundry bag, so occassionally I would be charged overages and not know why.
Eric S Ball State University (IN)
they come right to my dorm to pickup and drop off my laundry which makes using the service really awesome!
Ben S Guilford College (NC)
I found using the service to be really convenient because they would text me before they came to pickup or dropoff and sometimes I would be later than expected because of practice, but they would work with me, which was great.
Hayley T University of Michigan Ann Arbor (MI)
I like using Dorm Mom because the guy who picks up my laundry is very nice and very responsive when I call. My laundry is always returned the same day which is great. I am having a problem with the detergent they are using on my clothes, they are clean, but the smell is strange. Can they use something different? Also, my clothes are wrinkled when returned just necause of the nature of the bag that you provide. Can we use something more solid make sure the clothes don't get wrinkled upon return?
David P Georgetown University (DC)
I requested this service for my son's apt near SUNY Buffalo. This was a great service. The cleaning lady, Annette, was simply great and so helpful. She did a complete cleaning of the apartment and was so polite and had a great personality. She was punctual and very thorough with the cleaning. I will definetely use this service again.
syed s State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo (NY)
Dorm Mom is great because it is quick, and makes my life easier. The only thing that was not good was that once my shirt ended up in my friend's laundry, so I just want to make sure that all my items get returned to me.
Emily B University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I use Dorm Mom at Stanford university for apartment cleaning. It is easy to setup, easy to use and the people come on time.
Felipe M Stanford University (CA)
The cleaners who came to clean my apartment did a great job, however, actually setting up the service online was difficult. I signed up for a one time cleaning which was fine, but when I tried to sign up again, they said they couldn't come again for two weeks.
Felipe M Stanford University (CA)
I like using Dorm Mom because the subcontracter you use, Laundrybus, is great. Eddie, who comes to get my laundry is personable, and on time.
Alex m Augsburg College (MN)
I really liked my delivery person. His name was Eddie and he was fast, made service convenient to use, was communicable and very versatile.
Alex m Augsburg College (MN)
I like using Dormmom mostly because I don't have to do laundry myself, but also because it is always delivered, folded and returned to me quickly.
Connor S University of Kentucky (KY)
I love using Dormmom because they are really convenient and able to work with my schedule, and I get my clothes back quickly.
Giselle M Cornell University (NY)
I use Dorm Mom at Cornell, and it allows me to have more time for other school activities. I love how convenient it is to use. No complaints.
Giselle M Cornell University (NY)
The first two weeks my laundry was picked up late, but as the weeks have gone on, it has gotten much better and now they are on time. This makes using the service so much easier.
Gavin C University of Rochester (NY)
I use Dorm Mom laundry services at the University of Rochester, and I love not having to do my own laundry. My roomate and I both use the service and we find the scheduling to be really easy for us. No complaints.
Gavin C University of Rochester (NY)
The actual service itself was greato once it started, however, it was really difficult to get initially setup with, and the billing in the beginning was tricky on the website.
Kelsey R Ithaca College (NY)
My Dorm Mom is really kind. I love the service because I can get my laundry done quickly, and I also really enjoy the lady that picks up my laundry at Florida International University.
Zamira J Florida International University (FL)
I like using Dormmom because they come right to your dorm to pickup your laundry. I didn't like however, that it took several days to get my laundry back(usually 2-3days.)
Zamira J Florida International University (FL)
I really liked that the staff was professional and friendly. I would definitely use this service again.
Aditya A New York University (NY)
I like how my laundry came back neatly folded each week, however, I had some stains on a few items that I felt should have easily come out and they didn't get them out so this was a little frustrating.
Jessica W Ithaca College (NY)
My mother signed me up for the service, but I ended up cancelling it before ever getting to use it. I may however, be intersted in using it in the future at the University of Chicago. I informed her of the June 30th deal.
Gabrielle C University of Chicago (IL)
I like that I don't have to do my own laundry when my schedule is filled. No other issues. I will refer my friends to use the service.
Brett K Villanova University (PA)
Using Dormmom is very easy to setup and the people who come and pickup the laundry are very efficient. I have had some scheduling issues, but for the most part, they are pretty flexibile.
Dylan V University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I like using the service because it is easy and the guy who picks up my laundry is incredible. Everything has been great. I would gladly refer my friends to use the service.
Jacob C Cornell University (NY)
I like that I don't have to do my own laundry. I have not had any issues, and I would refer my friends to use the service.
Issey K New York University (NY)
Everything was fine with the service! Why isn't there rollover laundry weight usage for the subscription plans, though? It's expensive when it goes overweight. As for the service, my clothes came back fine and they always came back better than they were when I gave them to them. There was never anything dirty. Really, no complaints. I've never had any issues, they were very flexible with the pick ups and everything.
Stephen P Gettysburg College (PA)
The service was really, really good. I've had it for a few semesters. I am planning on using it again next semester. You guys do a really good job.
Victor T Purdue University (IN)
I have missed some pickups because I got a new job on campus and I am not allowed to have my phone on me, so this is a bit difficult, but all in all the service is good. I would refer my friends to use it.
Danielle K Cornell University (NY)
The service is good, but sometimes the pick up days of only Monday and Wednesday isn't enough. The clothes themselves were very clean and I was very happy. I am going to be using this service again.
Scott A Babson College (MA)
Overall, the service was pretty good and pretty solid. Occasionally, I missed the driver and had to call and wait for him to come back. Overall, he was a pretty flexible driver. This would be a 5 star service if there was some easier way to drop off the laundry. If there was a safe place to leave it for a couple hours, this would be perfect. I don't want to just leave it outside for a couple hours.
Alex M University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Using Dorm Mom saves me a lot of time and it is a very helpful service. I sometimes have trouble with the driver at UMD because if I am not exactly there at my specified time, I end up running to catch him if it is even one minute later than my time. I would definitely recommend the service to my friends for next semester.
Emily B University of Maryland College Park (MD)
The service was great and awesome. The guy who picked up my clothes, Victor, was a pleasure and so nice and so accommodating. I'm going to be using the service again in the Spring. The only little thing is when you return the laundry, the bags are tied pretty tight, I had to cut the bag one time and get a new one! Other than that one instance, which it may just be me, I really liked the service.
Emily B University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I like not having to do my own laundry. I have had some issues with going over my laundry, and the availability of time that is allowed for my laundry to be picked up. I have missed some pickups because I can't be available for the entire window of time the driver needs.
Christina K University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I would give the service 5 stars last year, only 2 this year. The timing was terrible and the driver was not flexible at all. I go to Gettysberg and am disappointed. The timing was the main and only issue with the service. I am going to use the service again in the Spring because I have no other way to do laundry, but I really NEED the timing to be better. The cleaning itself was fine!
Andrew Z Gettysburg College (PA)
I'm very happy with the service. Its been very helpful and I'm going to sign on for next quarter.
kevin m University of Oregon (OR)
It was great and a lot better than last semester. The new driver, Brad, was excellent. Brad was really good and I was very happy with the service overall.
Alvaro N Stanford University (CA)
It was a good service last year, I like the concept but I didn't use it again this year. I found a company that was more convenient for me, though, which is why I switched.
Shannon F Bucknell University (PA)
I did like the service, but the early morning pick up was no good for me. The service was good though.
Sean D Bucknell University (PA)
I thought they did well on communication via text, that was good, and I don't even know what they can improve. 2 day turnaround. I was happy with the service and will use it again in the future.
Ben J University of Tennessee Knoxville (TN)
Everything was great and the service was amazing! One time, a sweatshirt's zipper came off a little bit which was disappointing, but overall you guys were great. I really loved the service and it was amazing. 5 stars!
Tori R University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Angie at Dorm mom is wonderful. My son can text her as needed to pickup the clothes. She takes pride in her work and everything comes back perfectly folded and clean. I took the high level 25 lb per week plan and it seems to work well. A wonderful service to have for a university student. Very good at customer service on the phone as dorm mom takes calls 24/7. Debbie Howard Mom of University of Rochester student
Jeffrey H University of Rochester (NY)
Definitely some of the t-shirts shrunk and there were some stains on his pants that weren't cleaned. Also, the clothes could be softer - they are very hard. They clean the clothes, but could improve. They are an average service but can definitely be better.
Jared G University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Getting the laundry back the next day was nice. The window for picking up and dropping off was good. I think keeping the service as is would be great. Overall, I was very happy and satisfied with the service.
Kate M University of Maryland-College Park
You guys did good. The driver was really great. She picked up my clothes, washed, dried and folded it. My clothes were always clean. I will be using the service again
Zack B University of Tulsa (OK)
The service was perfect. I am going to use the service again and wouldn't change anything.
Will M Clemson University (SC)
It was awesome, I have no complaints. I wished I got this service freshman year! Actually using the service, it's been a major time saver. I explain to people that it offsets the costs by just the time saved alone. This service has absolutely been 5 stars
Zarin N Hampton University (VA)
They were nice, responsive, and very nice about getting my clothes. They did a nice job and I was happy with the service. I liked it. Sometimes, I had a problem with the pricing scheme - when I went overweight I was charged more and didn't really like that. My laundry was different from week to week. Sometimes my bag was heavy and sometimes it was light.
Adam Z Indiana University-Bloomington (IN)
Everything was great! Service was fantastic! I would actually give this service 6 stars on a scale of 1-5!
Roscoe Y Lafayette College (PA)
It was awesome service! No suggestions for improvement here, everything went very smoothly.
Will D Denison University (OH)
Timing issues is the only thing we could improve. But overall, the service was pretty perfect. Other than the timing, I was very happy with the service and would use it again.
Nick D University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Everything overall was very good and the delivery man was very flexible. Very consistent, but there was one instance where the jacket was lost. But I was reimbursed in cash, but it was a little annoying. Overall I was happy with the service and would use it again. It was great.
Courtney F University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I like that my clothes are picked up on time and that they are returned promptly the next day. I sometimes wish that there were more days available for pickup though.
Freddi N University of Maryland College Park (MD)
This semester has been great! 5 star service. I consistently get a text message in the morning and the driver does a great job with consistency. The service is very convenient and I'm very happy.
Francisco D Bucknell University
This is very convenient didn't have to do laundry. I like the service. But, the Person picking up my laundry (Victor) only came between 8 and 10 at night. Sometimes I wouldn't be available during those hours, even though I filled out an availability form at the beginning of the semester. This was a big downfall. Victor was my driver and I didn't like this aspect of the service.
harris b University of Maryland College Park (MD)
The speediness of the pick up and drop off was very good, always one day. The service worked out very well. There's nothing I would improve. I think I'm going to do the semester plan again next semester.
Zachary W University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I liked how my laundry came back sorted and folded. Maybe if it was sorted by type of item, that would be easier for me. But overall, the service is pleasing and good. Although, I don't think my laundry is over ten pounds when I'm charged for over ten pounds. If I can carry it, it seems lighter. I may up my service plan to 15 lbs next semester.
Jayne M University of Maryland College Park (MD)
The service was really convenient having everything folded, but sometimes there was hair in the clothes that wasn't my hair. That was a little gross, but overall, I was very satisfied with the service.
Joanna H University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I think it was all good, honestly. I wasn't sure my poundage so I want to know a way to check that. I am told that I can check it on my account, though. Overall, I was very happy with the service and would use it again!
Joshua G University of Maryland College Park (MD)
You guys did pretty well. I decided to cancel because I decided to do my laundry myself. You guys did your job well, though, and I have no complaints with the service.
Venkata P University of California Berkeley (CA)
Pick up and everything was great. The pick-up timing was sometimes inconvenient, other than that it was great. Everything with the laundry and the turnaround with the laundry was great.
Jesse F University of Maryland College Park (MD)
I've been very happy with the service and it's been pretty good. I prefer a little more consistency with the service, though, and the timing windows are a little large. Sometimes, it's hard to wait for the full time window. The laundry service itself has been great, just the timing is tough sometimes.
Drew M Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
I really do like the services, but I don't want to renew the service. The concept is a great idea and I would love to do it with a flexible person. The person in charge of the Berkley branch is hard to communicate with. I understand that he is busy, but I felt like I was working around his schedule all the time, not the other way around. I want it at least half way, but he was very inflexible. This offset any potential benefits. Even when we agreed upon a time, the driver would end up changing the time anyway. Extremely disappointing for what could be a great service. I would have loved to use the service, but now I'm just going to do the laundry myself in the laundry room.
Ori H University of California Berkeley (CA)
You guys came on time and it was very convenient. Very lenient with the time. Victor was very nice and a very good guy to work with. Overall, I was very happy with the laundry service provided. It made packing up at the end of the semester very easy!
Logan G University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Dorm Mom is definitely a 5 star service. The laundry pick up and drop off was very efficient, he always texted and had the laundry folded. I also got a cleaning service once. The ladies were the sweetest nicest ladies and went above and beyond. They cleaned things quickly and efficiently. I can't really think of anything they can improve on, the rates are fair and I love the service.
Andrew W University of Maryland-College Park
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