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Dorm Mom will pick-up your items for dry cleaning and send them to a professional dry cleaner that we have a contract with. 

What Do You Need to Do?
Each time you need a dry cleaning done, you would have to log into your account and request the service or you can pre-order dry cleanings if you know what you dry cleaning needs would be over the course of a semester or time period. Pre-ordered items can be used at anytime, you just give us a call and we would come by to pick up your items within 24 hours of getting the order and get them back to you within 48 hours of picking up.

Is Dry Cleaning a Subscription Service?
No. Dormmom Dry Cleaning Service is offered on a Order-As-You-Need basis. You come on the website, let us know how many items you would like dry cleaned and we come pick them up and do them. No more expensive trips to the dry cleaner and you get your items when you want them. You can also preorder dry cleaning services.

Do I Have to Sign Up Everytime I Need to get Dry Cleaning?
No. You sign up just the first time you request any of our services and you can log into your account anytime to request additional services or use up your pre-ordered dry cleaning.

How Do I cancel My Service?
Dry cleaning service is not on a subscription basis so you can only cancel before an order is filled by us. Once we pick up your items for dry cleaning, you cannot cancel.

Dry Cleanings are $4.95 per item. This can be prepaid separately or in combination with a laundry plan

$4.95 per item
(picked-up and delivered back)
To sign up call 1-877-478-5332
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