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When Does the Service Start?
The laundry service will start the second week of classes.

Where will my laundry be picked-up?
Your laundry will be pick-up at your dorm or apartment complex. You are required to hand in your bag of laundry during pickup at the scheduled time. For colleges with large client base, we may provide a bin for drop off or pick up of laundry. Do not leave your laundry items unattended as Dorm Mom is not liable for laundry not handed to our representative or placed in a designated Dorm Mom bin.

What is the Laundry Pick-up Schedule?
We have pickup schedules setup for each residence hall or apartment complex. When you sign up, you are required to provide your schedule and availability. Based on the information provided, we will coordinate a time that works for you and others in your building. Note that Dorm Mom will not schedule a pickup when you are in class or not able to physically hand in your bag of laundry. Our pickup times range anywhere from 6AM to 10PM so there is plenty of time to fit you into our schedule. Before the services begin, Dorm Mom will post your final pickup times in your "My Account" section of the Dorm Mom website.

Can I Change My Pickup Schedule?
Yes, give us atleast a 24-hr notice prior to your scheduled pickup to change the time you would like your laundry pickup up. If you wanted to initiate a permanent change for the semester, you may need up to two (2) weeks notice for the new schedule to take effect. The two (2) week wait does not apply for your initial scheduling when you first sign up for the services.

Will I be notified before my laundry is picked-up?
Yes, we will notify you by text, phone, or email the day before and on the day of the pick-up. Failure to show up for a scheduled pickup may trigger a fee and we will not return that week for another pickup. Poundage for a missed week cannot be carried over to the next week. Please give us a 24-hr notice in advance of any scheduled pickup.

Who will be doing my Laundry?
Your laundry will be done by our professional laundry providers. Most of our providers have been in the business of doing laundry for over 25 years and you can be rest assured that your clothing items are in good hands. We will ensure your clothing items are handled with utmost care and returned to you excellent condition.

Where will my Laundry Be Done?
Your laundry will done at our laundry facility

Will my laundry be separated?
Yes, we separate whites from dark before clothing are laundered

Do you have hand wash option?
Yes, we have hand wash option for delicate items.

Can I select what type of detergent I want?
Yes, you can select your detergent preferences during laundry purchases

Do you provide hang to dry option?
Yes, hang to dry option is available for an added fee

Do you provide ironing?
Yes, we provide ironing for an additional fee

When Do I Get My Laundry Returned?
Laundry will be returned within 48 hour

Do you offer Dry Cleaning?
Yes, dry Cleaning order on a Pay-As-You-Go basis and pick-up dry cleaning items during your normal laundry pick-up time.

How Do You Determine a Load of Laundry?
We would mail out to you upon sign-up Dorm Mom laundry bags that can hold up to 25 lbs of clothing - they are extra large bags. Each Dorm Mom bag would be considered a load

How Many Load of Laundry Would I Need?
If you have to do shirts, pants, sheets and towels, we recommend 2 bags of Laundry. If you do not have much to do, then 1 bag would be enough.

How Many Free Laundry Bags Do I Receive?
When you sign up, the bag you received depends on your plan selection.

Can I use my Own Laundry Bag?
Unfortunately, you cannot use your own laundry bags. Dorm Mom provides you with specially made laundry bags free of charge to ensure the bags receive special care and properly accounted for. Only the laundry bag you receive from Dorm Mom would be acceptable during pickup.

What If I Needed More Bags After Sign-up?
Simply come on the website, click "My Account" and add more bags. Allow a week to receive the additional bag. You can also call 1-800-Dorm Mom or send an email to to request any change to your laundry account.

The will be one bag allowable per semester. Each additional bag carries a fee. To order a bag, simply come on the website, click "My Account" and add more bags. Allow a week to receive the additional bag. You can also call 1-877-578-5332 or send us an email to to request any change to your laundry account.

Can I Select What Detergent and/or Bleach to Be Used?
Sure, you can tell us what detergent or bleach you would like to be used on your cloths. When you sign up, you are able to select your favorite detergents to get the level of clean and perfumed smell you are accustomed to. If you do not make a selection, we would use the best product out there that gives the best clean.

What Do I do if I Miss an Item of Clothing?
We would ensure that all clothing items we get from you are returned cleaned and neatly folded. In the case something is missing, we would ensure you get it back or your next wash will be free. We would also re-imburse you for the lost item after making sure, the loss was caused by Dorm Mom. We would keep an inventory of each load and make sure everything is returned.

Dorm Mom is not responsible for lost items unless proven that we were responsible for the missing item. We encourage all customers to make use of the laundry inventory form during every pick-up to help account for articles given to Dorm Mom. In the instance something is missing, we would try our best to find and return your belonging. If we can not find your clothing and it is proven that Dorm Mom is responsible, we will reimburse you for the lost item up to 150 dollars.

How Do I cancel My Service?
You can cancel at anytime and get a refund of the unused portion of the fees you paid for the service. If the service is cancel before it begins, we will assess a charge of 15% of the service fee paid to Dorm Mom. Refunds are made according to our Refund Policy. To cancel your service, send an email to, go to "My Account" on the website and click Cancel Service or call us our custom service at 1-877-478-5332

I Have special Cloths That Need Extra Care?
Print out and fill in the Special Care tag on what special care your item of clothing requires and place it on the item before placing in laundry bag. We would ensure adherence to your selection.
How Do I schedule a Clean?
You can schedule cleaning via �My Accounts� or call our customer service at 1-877-478-5332.

What Do You Do When You Clean?
See our checklist of what we do when we clean your apartment.

Is There a Limitation to Size of Space to be Cleaned?
No, there is no limitation on the size of the space to be cleaned but each cleaning is assigned a 3 hour period. If 3 hours is not enough, you may request additional cleaning times for an extra fee.

Do I have to be Present During the Cleaning?
We recommend you are present during every clean but you do not have to be. We would need to gain access to your living space to do the cleaning.

Who Are Your Cleaners?
Dorm Mom and it partners are a professional cleaning crew that strictly follow our 21 point cleaning checklist.

I Missed my Appointment. What Do I Do?
Simply email or call us and we would reschedule to come have your room cleaned. If you missed an appointment and you do not contact us to reschedule within a week of the cleaning, you would forfeit that clean and not be eligible for a refund. You can send an email to to request a change in your cleaning appointment or call us at 1-877-478-5332.

How Do I cancel My Service?
You can cancel at anytime and get a refund of the unused portion of the fees you paid for the service. If the service is cancel before it begins, we will assess a charge of 15% of the service fee paid to Dorm Mom. Refunds are made according to our Refund Policy. To cancel your service, send an email to, go to "My Account" on the website and click Cancel Service or call us our custom service at 1-877-478-5332

How Does it Work?
Dorm Mom has partnered with to provide delivery of non-perishable items to any address in the United States. We also offer customized grocery shopping from your local store if you need to get perishable items. A Dorm Mom would receive your order, go shopping for you and deliver your grocery to your Dorm Room, Apartment or home. A service fee will apply for each delivery.

How Do I Place an Order?
Browse the grocery store and add items to your shopping cart. We would ship right to your dorm room or apartment.

How do I get Delivery?
Delivery depends on the shipping method you select. If you live in one of our communities, we would deliver your groceries right to your doorstep.

How Much Stuff Can I Order at a Time?
You can order as much as you want or even just one item.

How Do I Pay?
You pay for your groceries as you would when you go to the store in person. You basically add groceries to your shopping cart and on checkout, you pay only for the groceries you bought. You can pay by credit card or using paypal. Different shipping options are offered. For orders above $25 and eligible for Amazon Super Saver, shipping is free but may take longer to ship.

What If I am Not Available at Delivery?
We would leave your items at your general mail reception. Read our Terms and Conditions of Grocery Delivery for more information.

Can I Set Automatic Delivery?
Sure, if you would need a box of Pop Tarts every week for a full semester, you are able to set automatic delivery and you will get a constant supply of pop tarts.

How Do I cancel My Service?
Grocery shopping is not a subscription service, you only pay when you order groceries.

How long can you store my items/materials?
Dorm Mom will store your belongings for as long as you wish. All you need to do is let us know the length of time you want to us to store your belongings.

What�s the farthest distance you travel?
There is no limit on how far we can travel. Our professional drivers can travel any where in the continental United Stated and Canada.

Do You Provide Packing Material?
Dorm mom will provide basic packing materials such as boxes and tape. Other packing material will have to be purchase.

Can I get help With Packing?
Dorm Mom will be available to help with packing, boxing, shipping or storage of your belongings for a very reasonable price.

How is Electronic(s) or Fragile Items Handled?
We ask that you let us know about your Electronics or fragile materials, so we can handle them accordingly. Our professions are experience in the handling of all types of packages.

Who will be picking-up my belonging?
Our professional drivers will pick-up your belonging. We will inform you of the day and time of pick-up based on your schedule.

How Do I Get My Belongings?
You will inform Dorm Mom about where and when you would want your materials. We ask that you let us know beforehand or at the time of pick-up as this may affect pricing.

Can I change my Delivery Location?
Yes, you may change your delivery location, but we advise that you let us know about your intentions at least 2-3 weeks before delivery.

Where will they be picked-up from?
Dorm Mom will be available to pick-up belongings at your desired location - dorm room, off-campus apartment, home, etc.

How Will My Belongings Be Stored?
Dorm Mom uses a climate controlled storage facility which ensures our client belongings remain as they were when we took control of them.

Can I Cancel My Service?
Yes, you can cancel your service and get a refund of the unused portion. However, any cancellation will be subject to cancellation fees and refund made according to our refund policy.

How Do I Cancel My Service?
You can cancel your service at anytime by calling our customer service. Dorm Mom will access a cancellation fee of 15%.

What If I decide to get my Store items earlier than first anticipated?
You can get your stored items any time you want. We ask that there be a two week notice and Dorm Mom will access a 10% service charge.

What If My Belongings are lost?
Dorm Mom storages facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, but in the rare case that your belongings go missing, we will work with you to determine what is missing and the value of those item. Dorm Mom will replace up to the value of those items, but not more $5,000.

What If My Belongings are damage upon Pick-up?
In the instance that your belongings are damage by our professional carriers, we will work with you to replace the item or items up to their respective value. Dorm Mom will replace up to the value of your belonging, but not more than $5,000.

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